Price: $3000


All puppies bred at Bonikins Border Collies are

  • DNA Profiled

  • DNA Parentage Evaluation Certified at 6 weeks of age.

  • Microchipped

  • Vaccinated

  • Wormed

  • Complete ENS between days 3-16

  • Trained using Puppy Culture Protocols

Puppies will be sold on the Limited Register unless negotiated with me.  

Although I would love for every Bonikins pup to be placed in their forever home, sometimes circumstances change.  Please contact me if you are unable to continue providing a home for your pup; this includes re homing.   As a responsible breeder, I am willing to take back dogs that I have bred. 

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"Training me is not an option.  It is an obligation.  It is not something to be done once I start causing problems.  It is how to prevent problems from starting.  

Teach me to be the dog you want me to be."