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​Puppy Pack includes:
'What to Expect' online course
Trainers Pouch
Petway Petcare product sample pack
Royal Canin Puppy Pack

Tug Toy
Loopey Lead 6ft 5mm slip lead
Mat and toys used by the litter to help settle at home
Pedigree and DNA Profiles
6 Weeks Pet Insurance
Lifetime breeder support

Puppies will be sold on the Limited Register unless negotiated with me.  

Although I would love for every Bonikins pup to be placed in their forever home, sometimes circumstances change.  Please contact me if you are unable to continue providing a home for your pup; this includes re homing.   As a responsible breeder, I am willing to take back dogs that I have bred. 

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Royal Canin.jfif

"Training me is not an option.  It is an obligation.  It is not something to be done once I start causing problems.  It is how to prevent problems from starting.  

Teach me to be the dog you want me to be."

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