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Puppy Enquiry Form

Border Collies can be very rewarding dogs to own.  However, please consider whether this breed is for you before purchasing a puppy.   

Each puppy will develop their own personality with some being more outgoing than others etc.  I will endeavour to match you with a puppy that suits your family.  For this reason I would like to know a little bit about you when you enquire.  I am able to organise travel for your puppy within Australia.  Please take the time to answer the following questions in an email.  

1.  Describe the Border Collie you are looking for.  Eg Gender, energy level, personality etc.

2.  Where do you live?

3.  Describe your family - single, married, children etc.

4.  Do you have other dogs and if so what gender?

5.  What training will you be able to give the puppy?

6.  Are you willing to abide by the Limited Register? 

               Dogs Queensland - Limited Register Agreement Form

7.  If for any reason your circumstances change and you are unable to keep your dog, you agree to return the dog to me.  I am more than happy to explain why this is necessary if would like further explanation. 

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Success! Message received.

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