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Welcome to Bonikins Border Collies.  My name is Tanya Eley and I am based in Townsville, Queensland.  I was raised on a sheep property in south-west Queensland and I always wanted a dog that would be my best mate.

Fast forward a few years and I ended up teaching in Townsville where I didn't know anyone and so I needed a mate.  I purchased Bonnie, my first border collie from a pet store back in the day when they were allowed to be in shopping centres. Bonnie was the best dog and when she was 10 years old I started to research more about border collies as I really wanted to get another one.  It is through my research that I gained an understanding into the importance of producing quality dogs that are genetically free from the common diseases and that uphold the conformation breed standards.  I registered as a breeder with the Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC) and with Dogs Queensland and purchased a breeding pair.  I am very grateful to Catherine Bull of Ionaborda Border Collies and Terry and Mary French of Sanbriann Border Collies for their support and mentoring.

Photo: Tanya with Bonnie, Harvey and Maggie 2017.

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